Contest entries
Whip Coral Crab  Xenocarcinus
By Aja Radl
posted 10:41 CST Today (within the last hour)
Yellow Nudi
By Neil Wijayaratne
posted 10:41 CST Today (within the last hour)
By Ryan Ware
posted 09:54 CST Today (1 hour ago)
 Rush Hour On The Kittiwake    Fish schooling over the wreck of the Kittiwake off the coast of Grand Cayman
By Tanya Houppermans
posted 08:48 CST Today (2 hours ago)
Lunch time
By Raoul Caprez
posted 07:40 CST Today (3 hours ago)
Hippocampus severnsi
By Wei-Lun Hsieh
posted 06:56 CST Today (4 hours ago)

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Underwater Photo Contest Entry

Taken by: Reidar Opem

Bryaninops natans
Bryaninops natans by Reidar Opem

forum thread for this image
Posted: Tuesday, December 7, 2010- (12/7/2010 3:05:00 AM)
Category: Macro - swimming
location: Sulu and Sulawesi Seas Indonesia
message this message is importantI really love this fish....very cool!

Lisa Hinderlider
4872 point member
Lisa Hinderlider member image
message Thank you Lisa for the kind words smile
3056 point member
reidar member image