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Underwater Photo Contest Entry

Taken by: Tina Malmgren

Clione limacina - sea angel
Clione limacina - sea angel by Tina Malmgren

forum thread for this image
Posted: Monday, April 25, 2011- (4/25/2011 12:11:00 AM)
Category: Temperate Waters
location: Atlantic (European coastal) Sweden
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message this message is important Magnifique ....
Great shot... rose rose rose
Le Valaisan Mouillé
27081 point member
le Valaisan mouillé member image
message Merci beaucoup!
Not easy to catch it "right".
200 point member
TinaM member image
message  Dear Tina,
thank for your latest submission to the UWP contest smile

Sorry for my late reply...I was out for a photo job for a couple of days ;-)

You had requested a review/critique of your photo. Let me shortly explain how it works :
I will structure my critique into a few chapters and will list some suggested solutions to problem zones
( if there are any ). My critique will be like 2-3 posts in total.
As we photo critics do this job as volunteers, a "thank you" is always appreciated.

Important : The new "photo critique" feature here at UWP is not meant to "slaughter" uw photos
- it is meant to give a helping hand with an analytic review & to suggest solutions.
The objective is to see you here as winner one day smile

And here we go ! ( Photo Critique start with next post ) :
Rico Besserdich
19963 point member
Rico Besserdich member image
message  Photo Critique

First impression
1) "Tina ? From Denmark ??? ...Hm...I somehow know this name, lol !!", 2) "A bit too much negative space...."

Technical ( score from 1-6, best is 6 )
Exposure : 5, Colours: 6, Sparpness: 3, DOF ( depht of field ) : 3

Suggestions :
While the colours are looking great to me, I have found that sharpness could be better. A highe f-Stop number ( e.g. F22 or even 32 ) could achieve a better depht of field. If you have really strong strobes a setting of F16 & 1/250 would give best results and would "freeze" the movement.

Everyone knows here that I love dark backgrounds ;-) But maybe we have a little bit too much black in here and as my colour calibrated screen shows, we have some disturbing dark green artifacts in the background.

Rico Besserdich
19963 point member
Rico Besserdich member image
message  Suggestions :
This subject could work better with a tighter frame. While postproduction : Stand up sometimes and check your results from an different angle of view ( or just turn your screen a bit ). Especially LCD computer screens require this. Your composition is not wrong, but I feel like that more "sea angel" and less negative space could improve this picture.

What an incredible interesting "model" !! Never saw something like this ;-) Of course it's definitly worth a long session !!

Suggestions :
I hope you had spended your entire dive with that one. I would do that if I would be you ( unless you have millions of this animals around you every dive, lol ! ). I know how hard it is to get a good shot from free swimming animals and I think you managed it very well.
Rico Besserdich
19963 point member
Rico Besserdich member image
message  Epilogue
Again : Very interesting subject and I would love to see more of it smile The small "barrier" on the way to a winning photo is sharpness and composition so I wish to you that you will have the chance to meet your "sea angel" soon again !! You have a talent and your are 100% on the right way ! By the way : My greetings to Jorn...just in case you know him, hihi wink

All the best and thanks again for your submission to the contest,

Rico ( UWP Photo Critic )

UWP : website

Rico Besserdich : website

--------Photo Critique completed--------

Rico Besserdich
19963 point member
Rico Besserdich member image
message Happy to see your photo inj the "best of" the month April ! Don't you mind my recent's all meant to make you annual winner :-))))
Rico Besserdich
19963 point member
Rico Besserdich member image