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donut doto  snooted
 doto greenamyeri
By Lars Oliver Michaelis
posted 10:32 CST Today (within the last hour)
Look closely and you ll see the crab s  sails  deployed while feeding. A great contrast to the blue anemone on which it s perched.
By David Winokur
posted 04:44 CST Today (6 hours ago)
Close Encounter
By Mario Robillard
posted 02:28 CST Today (8 hours ago)
Grand Cayman   The compass on the Kittiwake  which is level to the seabed  shows just how much the Kittiwake is lying on its side.  Model  Alice Gostick
By Susannah H. Snowden-Smith
posted Friday, January 19, 2018
Gobius cruentatus
By Cumhur Gedikoglu
posted Friday, January 19, 2018
By Sergiy Glushchenko
posted Friday, January 19, 2018

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message this message is important
Hi everyone! I have had to quit diving/instructing for awhile so I'm placing my camera up for sale. I have a lightly used Sea & Sea Motormarine II (2) 35mm Camera. Includes Yellow Sub 50 Strobe w/ arm, 16mm w/ angle lens, external multi viewfinder. Manual, o-ring silicone grease, lens cleaning fluid also included. All put together in a nice Pelican 1500 case w/ pluck foam. The camera & accessories are in like new condition. Asking $600 plus shipping.

16 point member
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message Hi Ellen,
I'm a newbie to the underwater scene, I've done a few dives myself though. I'm looking to buy an underwater video camera for my parents ( my father is a dive instructor) and I don't know where to start. I'm looking for a standard kit to buy for a gift. Ive done research online and found a good product in the Sea Motormarine II. Id appriciate if you could tell me if there is any other cameras I should be looking at or if I should be lookng to get a Sea & Sea Motormarine from you.
P.S. the parents dive a lot near Tampa, FL
Matt Bressette
7 point member
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Answer Hi Meghan. Sorry I didn't reply to you sooner. I never received notice there was a reply. I'm sure there are other great cameras out there. Unfortunately, this is the only one that I have experience with, so I honestly can't help you in your search. Sea & Sea makes a great product. I started my diving career with the instructor that wrote the instruction manual for this camera. Joe Liburdi. I welcome offers on this camera. Thanks! Ellen
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