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Thru my eye
By Mario Robillard
posted 22:29 CST Today (within the last hour)
Usually a camoflauged shrimp the Blade Shrimp was crossing across a piece of bark and was very visabile.
By Marc Damant
posted 17:27 CST Today (5 hours ago)
Bispira volutacornis
By Cumhur Gedikoglu
posted 15:48 CST Today (7 hours ago)
Firsts esporation
By Salvatore Ianniello
posted 15:44 CST Today (7 hours ago)
Hawksbill sea turtle  Eretmochelys imbricata   that I frequently encountered over the years in the El Quadim bay
By Olivier Notz
posted 08:26 CST Today (14 hours ago)
Arlequi porcellain crab. Nikon D200   60 macro   two strobo
By Marchione Giacomo
posted 04:30 CST Today (18 hours ago)

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message this message is importantSince I am no longer diving, I am selling an orange Nikonos V (Body was serviced and recertified by Nikon about a year age and has not been in the water since) in like new condition. 35mm Nikonos lens, 15mm Nikonos lens with optical finder In factory packages, Nikonos extension tube set, Nikonos SB102 flash (not working) with bracket, cables & carrying case. All pristine. No scuffs, dents scrapes or dings. Asking $1,250.00 OBO for the package.
14 point member
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message Marvelus,

Do you by any chance still have the system for sale? If so, I might be interested as I am just starting out in underwater photography.

Presumably the asking price is in US dollars?

I am based in the UK.

If we agreed a sale/purchase, would you be able to ship to the UK?


Chris Yates
Chris Yates
7 point member
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message Chris... Did you buy a Nikonos-V? I have one for sale with the original Manual, Standard Lens and travel pouch. It needs a repair to the Clip that opens the Film Back. I'll sell it as is for $200.00 or best offer. Are you interested? Cheers Rick
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message I have a complete nikonis v in a
large pelican case for sale $1,000.00. click here to email 
Luigi Rosa
7 point member
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