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The queen of the sting ray.
By Greg Fleurentin
posted 15:30 CST Today (within the last hour)
Turtle on deep Blue
By Caner Candemir
posted 07:00 CST Today (8 hours ago)
By Claude Lespagne
posted 06:46 CST Today (9 hours ago)
Shot in Anilao  Philippines. A green shrimp on a green grass.
By Qunyi Zhang
posted 06:39 CST Today (9 hours ago)
By Andy Kutsch
posted 04:48 CST Today (11 hours ago)
Sexy Snooting  1 of 2   I ve been experimenting with using a snoot in ways other than a spotlight.  Here a sexy shrimp dances on his coral stage.
By Susannah H. Snowden-Smith
posted Thursday, July 19, 2018

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message this message is importantI have the following camera system up for private sale. If interested, please contact me (Isobel) on 01908 395688 here in Milton Keynes and we can arrange for you to look at it properly prior to making any decisions. Thanks.

Sea&Sea Motor Marine II EX camera plus strap (for land use)
Sea&Sea YS-120 TTL strobe Duo (can be used TTL, manual, half or can be used as a slave in conjunction with a second strobe); with connecting cable
Sea&Sea Sea Arm V set (SA-V H-S) adjustable strobe arm
Sea&Sea high eyepoint optical viewfinder which makes framing more accurate and easier
Sea&Sea wide angle lens 16mm/F5.6 (from 2.6 ft and up)
Sea & Sea Lens holder
I have shot some really quite excellent wide angle u/w piccies with this camera (I can show you slides to give you an idea if you live locally!). It is very easy to use and you can shoot TTL or manual. You have full control over F stops etc so you can get the results you want. It has automatic wind-on of the film after each shot and also
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message please advise how much you are looking to sell this for regards martin
2 point member
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message G'Day mate,
Just wondering if you'd be interested in selling the 16mm wide angle lens alone?
Just letting you know that i'm an Aussie so there'd be a little international postage and payment stuff involved but i'm sure we could work something out if your keen.
Cheers mate.
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message Hi there,
I have to say I'm not that interested in just selling the lens on its own - rather hoping to get rid of the whole lot to someone so I'd rather wait for that. If you want me to contact you if it doesn't sell, please let me know your email address (if it's ok with you) and I'd be happy to contact you at a later date.
Cheers, Isobel.
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