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Hawksbill sea turtle  Eretmochelys imbricata   that I frequently encountered over the years in the El Quadim bay
By Olivier Notz
posted 08:26 CST Today (within the last hour)
Arlequi porcellain crab. Nikon D200   60 macro   two strobo
By Marchione Giacomo
posted 04:30 CST Today (4 hours ago)
It is from the german lake kreidesee
By Rene B. Andersen
posted Saturday, January 20, 2018
A small sculpin in cold water.
By Glenn Ostle
posted Saturday, January 20, 2018
Cold water shrimp
By Glenn Ostle
posted Saturday, January 20, 2018
4  long Flamenco Dancer flatworm  shot with Nexus/Nikon D300 and 28 80 zoom macro and Sea and Sea strobe.
By Kerry Brown
posted Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Underwater Photo Contest Entry

Taken by: Debby Richardson

Marsa Shagra December 2011
Marsa Shagra December 2011 by Debby Richardson

forum thread for this image
Posted: Sunday, February 19, 2012- (2/19/2012 6:28:00 AM)
Category: Macro - Close-Up
location: Red Sea Egypt
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message this message is important Dear Debby,
Thank for your latest submission to the UWP contest smile

You've requested a critique of your photo. How it works :
I will structure my critique into a few chapters and will list some suggested solutions to problem zones ( if there are any ). My critique will be like 2-3 posts in total, please wait with any answers until you see the note 'photo critic completed' - thanks smile

As we photo critics do this job as volunteers, a 'thank you' is always appreciated (no 'thanks' = no more critiques ).

Photo critiques here at UWP are meant to give a helping hand with an analytic review & to suggest solutions. The objective is to see you here as winner one day smile

And here we go ( critique/review starts with the next post ) !

Rico Besserdich
19962 point member
Rico Besserdich member image
message  Photo Critique

First impression
Cute little fellow, but often seen ;-)

Technical ( score from 1-6, best is 6 )
Exposure : 4, Colours: 3, Sparpness: 3, DOF ( depht of field ) : 3, Contrast : 3

Suggestions :
Slight probs with missing details and shadows. Try out different strobe positions to fix this. the white bands of this fish are supposed to be white, not blue/cyan. This often happens, when natural light is mixing with your strobe light. Try to keep out the daylight from the sun with different camera settings ( higher F-Stop number ). Beware of white balance.

I however suggest : Develop an idea of how you want your photo to look like before "pushing the button". Working on the same subject with different settings / strobe position ( and later analysis ) will help you to understand the differences smile

Rico Besserdich
19962 point member
Rico Besserdich member image
message  Composition
Subject centered and the idea behind the composition is not clear to see.

Suggestions :
First of all : Try to prevent centered subjects. The "rule of thirds" is a good one to starts with when its about composition. To play with the DOF ( depht of field ) is nice and of course not everything in a makro or fish portrait shot has to be tack sharp. But one way you'll need to decide - work with crispy sharpness or with blur....hard to do both at the same time ;-)

For the strobe : When working with one strobe ( which is just fine for makro ) I suggest the standard placement : middle top of housing, in a distace of around 20-30 cm. and slightly shown downwards in direction of the subject. That's a good to start with as it produces light that always pleases human eyes ( because it comes from the same direction as sunlight does ).

Lots of options here....try them all !
Rico Besserdich
19962 point member
Rico Besserdich member image
message  Subject
A clownfish. It's the most photographed fish of the world. Very beautifull, but often seen.

Suggestions :
Nothing against your clownfish but for contest photography you'll need something that was never seen before. A different angle, behaviour, lightening, dynamic...and so on.

To understand what was already done by others ( unfortunetly : a lot ! !) : Check out other photographers and view their pics. You would gain great inspiriation & ideas from it.

Welcome to the contest !! Happy to have you here...and we are looking forward to your next submissions smile

All the best,


photo critique completed


Rico Besserdich
19962 point member
Rico Besserdich member image