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Underwater Photo Contest Entry

Taken by: Marco Walter

Nudi in the blue
Nudi in the blue by Marco Walter

forum thread for this image
Posted: Monday, February 20, 2012- (2/20/2012 12:09:00 AM)
Category: Macro - Nudibranchia
location: Celebes Sea Philippines
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message this message is important Dear Marco,
You have requested a review of your photo. It’s my turn to write you critical comments to help you to improve your work with an analytic review. As you remember, the objective is to see you here on UWP as a winner one day !
If you want to answer me, please wait until my review has been completed; as photo critics, we do this job as volunteers; a "thank you" is always appreciated smile

As you already know the foreword, I will directly start my review :

Raoul Caprez
23041 point member
Raoul Caprez member image
message  Photo Critique :

First impression :
Nice Chromodoris … unfortunately not looking on the perfect side.

Technical ( score from 1-6, best is 6 ) :
Exposure : 3, Colours: 5, Sharpness: 3, DOF ( depth of field ) : 4, Contrast : 5

Suggested Solution :
Nice first impression.
Sharpness could be improved a bit … especially on the left rhinophore of the animal. Your focus point has to be well placed especially with that position of the two rhinophores.
Light is missing a bit on the left part of the animal. You probably shoot with only one strobe. I suggest you to center it for that kind of macro picture, place it on top of your housing... preferably around 30-40 cm above and with a slight downward angle.
Note also that the light from your strobe reflecting back from particles in the lens' field of view causes specks of light which appear especially on the left in the blue background (backscatter).
Raoul Caprez
23041 point member
Raoul Caprez member image
message With external strobes in the right position - and long arms ! -, you can avoid it more.
Finally, I see you've decided to sign in for a pro account : good idea, it’s better for your pictures size (quality) in the contest !

Composition :
You are close to your subject : good
A not centred subject.: good ! But …
Good neutral background

Suggested Solution :
We see perfectly that you work on composition ! Good.
As you know, it's usually important not to put your subject in the middle of the frame to break the symmetry. In that case, I personally regret that the animal is not looking on the perfect direction (on the left for the nudi - I mean in the direction who lets it place to "see"). Because Unfortunately we can’t decide where we want the nudi to look (:-)), if it had been possible, it could have been good if you had moved yourself on the left to let your animal "look" in the direction of the centre of the frame for example.

Raoul Caprez
23041 point member
Raoul Caprez member image
Nudibranches are some of the underwater photographers’ best friends: nice colours, slow enough, we can go closer, they give the opportunity to try different compositions and effects, … and it's even more perfect when you find one on the top of something (like you have) to have easily a nice neutral background :-).
The only problem in fact is that there are a lot of nudi pictures in the contest and so it’s difficult to do something new with them … especially with this specie.

Suggested Solution :
You're close to your subject and the angle of shooting works well to see the gills and the nice patterns of the animal.
What to add … Maybe next time you can try to have only the "face" in the frame with a little upward angle of shooting … If you check out the shortlisted nudibranches pictures in the contest you will see that a lot of pictures are when the nudi fill the frame.

Raoul Caprez
23041 point member
Raoul Caprez member image
message  Epilogue
Looking to your pictures, you do a good start in the contest !
I like to say that before or while shooting it's good to keep in mind that pictures must tell something, they should pass on a message or transmit an emotion. I like to see this nice animal on its way ! With some technical adjustments, and a slight different approach, you would have even more votes !
Well, I’m now looking forward to see your next post.
Good luck and happy bubbles.

Raoul (UWP Photo Critic)

--------Photo Critique completed--------

Raoul Caprez
23041 point member
Raoul Caprez member image
message Hi Raoul,

thank you very much for your effort and your fair comments! I totally agree with your critique and your suggestions. Indeed, I only used one strobe, which was hard to place perfectly as the nudi was not sitting in the perfect postition. But anyway, I will keep your comments in my mind and hope to improve my next shots.

Many thanks again,


Marco Walter
311 point member
Marco Walter member image
message You're welcome Marco ! Keep on the good work.

I'm happy if it can help you.

All the best

Raoul Caprez
23041 point member
Raoul Caprez member image