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Chalice coral surface.
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Underwater Photo Contest Entry

Taken by: Jake Fauvel

I took this on my third dive in Egypt, a beautiful lookin...
I took this on my third dive in Egypt, a beautiful lookin... by Jake Fauvel

forum thread for this image
Posted: Wednesday, March 21, 2012- (3/21/2012 5:17:00 AM)
Category: Macro - swimming
location: Red Sea Egypt
Book a Dive Trip to Egypt
message this message is important Dear Jake,
Thanks for your submission to the contest and welcome to UWP.
You have requested a review of your photo. Let me shortly explain how it works :
As we do have a limited space for each post here, please note that my review will be like 3-4 posts in total. If you want to answer me, please wait until my review has been completed; as photo critics, we do this job as volunteers; a "thank you" is always appreciated smile
My review is structured into chapters and I will list problem zones (if there are any) and I will suggest solutions on how to improve results.
Important : The "photo critic" feature here at UWP is not a putdown of uw photos. The objective is to see you here as a winner one day !
For the basics (in case of), an uw photography online course is available here at UWP and it's always a good idea to sign up for that one.

And here we go ! (Photo review starts with next post) :

Raoul Caprez
23041 point member
Raoul Caprez member image
message  Photo Critique :

First impression :
A usual but nice specie … a bit hidden in the background

Technical ( score from 1-6, best is 6 ) :
Exposure : 3, Colours: 3, Sharpness: 4, DOF ( depth of field ) : 4, Contrast : 3

Suggested Solution :
Technically, you’ve done a good job with your camera, but a good source of light (external strobe) is missing a bit to show the nice colours of this subject. To solve that, and in general, with an external strobe (even more with an internal), it’s always important to go closer to the subject... it’s better for the colours, and less water you can have between the lens and the subject, better your picture quality can be.
Then, to have easily better results, it’s a question of composition and approach.

Raoul Caprez
23041 point member
Raoul Caprez member image
message  Composition :
A little downward angle of shooting for a bit too small centred subject that deserves another background

Suggested Solution :
In general, try not to put your subject in the middle of the frame … that helps to break the symmetry.
To have a more impressive animal, a little more upward angle of shooting could be used to give another perspective to your picture. It also could help to have a blue neutral background to silhouette more your subject if you can’t play for example with the DOF to clearly « draw » your subject in front of a blurred background.
Finally, you can go closer to your subject (it helps for technical reasons too). Then, let some more place in front of your animal than behind to let it place to swim. In fact, you could almost fill the frame with the animal … good luck ! … I know that it’s easier to say than to do :-).

Raoul Caprez
23041 point member
Raoul Caprez member image
message  Subject
This specie is an interesting subject for the photographer because of its colours pattern, but it’s not the easiest one to take in picture for your first pictures … nice challenge !
But, because of its kind of “mimicry” in front of the background, it’s important to have a special approach to emphasize it.

Suggested Solution :
Next time you can try to have a real face to face with your subject; it is always nice to try.
The key for the face-on composition is to get the subject directly facing you, with a great eye contact, what we search first when we look at an animal. Then you should get minimum on the same level or slightly lower of the subject. After that, filling the frame with the subject often gives a great impact to your picture.
Because it’s a common subject, it’s even more important to have a perfect or an unusual approach to have a picture which attracts immediately the eye of the spectator.

Raoul Caprez
23041 point member
Raoul Caprez member image
message  Epilogue
Welcome again on UWP !
For sure, with another composition and some adjustment in settings, you would have had better results. In fact you meet the problems we all have had at the beginning. Keep on the work : shoot, check, correct, shoot, check, correct, … smile … it’s the way to always improve yourself.
I’m now looking forward to see your next post.
All the best and happy bubbles.

Raoul (UWP Photo Critic)

P.-S. : I suggest you not to add the UWP copyright in that case because you’ve signed already your picture. Note also that usually the signature is down the frame.

--------Photo Critique completed--------

Raoul Caprez
23041 point member
Raoul Caprez member image