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I am from Germany
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Dear underwater enthusiasts, my name is Dietmar and I come from Germany. I have traveled the wonderful Philippines many times. As a macro lover, I fell in love with the island of Cabilao. On Cabilao alone I have done more than 1000 dives, the night dives were always spectacular. At the same time I have always dived other places, such as RajaAmpat, Papua New Guinea, Andaman Islands, Caribbean, Thailand, Burma. I can still remember my time with the NikonsRS, and later a Nikon F5 in a Seacam housing. For the younger ones, those were the times with a maximum of 36 exposures on slide film. I always saved one to three shots to the end of the dive, you never know what to expect. Digitally I then switched to the Nikon D2x, at the moment I have a Nikon D800 in the housing.

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