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I am from United States
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I started with a camera in the late 60s as my grandfather was a photographer and worked for Zeiss and then Kodak. In the 70s I moved to my first 35 SLR. Architecture school turned into a BFA in photography by the mid 80s and in 1989 I finally bought myself a Nikonos V. I have been doing almost 2 liveaboard dive trips a year with 7-10 days of nothing but diving (maybe eating and sleeping too). I have and still only shoot Kodachrome 64 underwater and hand print my own Cibachromes, now known as Ilfochromes. Only large prints will do for me as I want the viewer to want to swim in, most are either 10x14 or 14x20s. I have since moved to a Nikonos RS (2003) and really have enjoyed the TTL experience. No more aim and hope the parallax does not kill you. I have always enjoyed diving in the Coral Sea, which is a few hundred miles outside the Great Barrier Reef. I will never forget the 150 m vis for our first dive in Oct 1993, and have been back 5 more times never to find it quite like that.

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  Cowfish eye. Nikonos 35 12 extension tube SB 105 Kodachrome 64. No cropping photoshop work thats actually color fishs eye reflection strobe off retina. Red humans blue fish 64 retina
  Coral Sea Reef Nikonos 15 Ikelite SS 400 shot Kodachrome 64. 64
  Dog tooth pinnacle Nikonos 35 12 extension tube SB 105 shot Kodachrome 64 no cropping just like my photography. photography
  Cowfish eye Nikonos 35 12 macro tube SB 105 shot Kodachrome 64
  Red crab Nikonos 35 12 extension tube SB 105 shot Kodachrome 64
  Loggerhead Turtle Nikonos 15 Ikeliite SS 400 shot Kodachrome 64

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Macro - Close-Up2534313
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Macro - Nudibranchia22512
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Macro - swimming68614
Wide Angle - Close Focus22211
Wide Angle - Divers23115
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Caribbean Sea5267913
Coral Sea1315612
Halmahera Sea55711
Sea Of Cortés /Gulf of California22412
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Puerto Rico1619312
Saint Kitts and Nevis34113
Turks and Caicos islands12626
Virgin Islands (British)57214
Virgin Islands U.S.2027213
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