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I am from Belize
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I am orignally from the UK but I have lived in Belize for the last 14 years. I co own and operate a dive operation in the Hopkins/Sittee River area of southern Belize. I get plenty of opportunites to dive but not always with photo gear.

My favourite dives are in Paradise Reef in The South Water Cay Marine Reserve and Sharks Cave. We have encounters of 20 plus eagle rays and large schools of jacks, snappers and spade fish at both sites. Unfortunately recently the sharks of sharks cave seem to have disappeared but I hope it is only a temporary loss.

Currently I use Olympus 5050 in Olympus housing with a Sunpack G Flash and occassionally an Inon UWL100. Not state of the art but is adequate for the time being. I am planning an upgrade soon.

If you ever in Belize come and visit.
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