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I am from Haiti
Member since: Monday, April 18, 2005
I presently use an Olympus E-330 in an Olympus housing accompanied by by two DS-125 strobes. U/W photo hobbyist for 2 years now. After diving in Darwin-Australia, Haiti, USVI, California, Bunaken- Indonesia, and KohTao-Thailand, East Timor is my favorite place to dive.
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  rare Fingerprint cyphoma cowry was found same soft coral much more common Flamingo tongue cowry.
  Hiding Taken Olympus E330
  Merry Christmas
  Bumpy. Olympus E330 Bumpy
  Treasures Chasm. Chasm
  Pretty Pink. Taken Oly E330 one Ike DS125 aimed below. Pink below

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Macro - not swimming312357
Macro - swimming11756
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Banda Sea493406
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East Timor493406
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