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I am from United States
Member since: Tuesday, April 19, 2005
Started in 2004 with a POS disposable film camera. Was able to get 2 or 3 decent shots and it was all down hill from there. Purchased an Olympus 5060 and Ikelite housing with Ikelite strobe. From there moved on to DSLR, first with a Canon XTi and now with a Canon 5D Mark II. Currently my Canon is housed in an Ikelite housing with dual Ikelite 161 strobes.
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  blennie hanging his hole. hole
  recent dive USS Kittiwake...natural light photo Kittiwakenatural Kittiwake natural
  Stingray City always great place get some nice photos. This day was no exception. photos exception
  wreck Suloide off N. Carolina coast. Terrible visability this day. fellow came me nowhere gave his best smile. Made dive well worth it. coast day smile it
  Blenny portrait off coast S. Carolina wreck City Richmond

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Creative - Manipulated (Photoshopped)11111
Macro - Close-Up1115614
Macro - not swimming1112411
Macro - Super macro411528
Macro - swimming47218
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Atlantic (North American coastal)3455416
Caribbean Sea911312
Coral Sea24321
Gulf Of Mexico919721
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Cayman islands919721
Netherlands Antilles56913
United States3760716
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