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I am from Thailand
Member since: Sunday, May 8, 2005
Nikon D70S - Sea and Sea housing strobes and additonal forced purchase of interface device to make camera and strobes compatible despite initial brochure information.
Many delays and issues with equipment during the nearly7 years of owbership. Although camera OK. Very frustrating. Even now command gear drive idle gear broke in half and was stiff and only worked in one direction from early use of this control which was after a few years ago in any case.
Running on manual with only sub command set to aperture control and no operation of main command dial. AGAIN awaiting this time replacement failed gear drive
Previously used Ikelite camera over approx 5 years.
Best photo sites to date in Similan Islands Richelieu Rock recently first time success in nearly 7 years of more than 1 consecutive dive with no major additional problems apart from above. More details available if you wish!!
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  3s CrowdCuttlefish Mating Ritual Feb12Nikon D70s Sea HousingRichelieu Rock Surin Andaman Thailand Steady upward mid day drift lucky timingLow fill flash no editing applied

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