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I am from Canada
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i've been shooting for four or five years now, i started with a nakonos iv, then a v and an sx 1000, but when i got my nikon d50 i was really hooked. i now shoot with a subal housing and a d200. i use ikelite ds 125 strobes, and lots of lenses. my favorite is my old 16mm with manual focus, or aperture controls but not on the same dive. i live in Indonesia now, but i grew up in Canada photographing cold dark ship wrecks.
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Macro - Close-Up12121
Over/Under (shots half topside, half U/W)11717
Wide Angle - Close Focus24120
Wide Angle - Divers22814
Wide Angle - Marine Life34615
Wide Angle - Wrecks22211
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Atlantic (North American coastal)188
Bali Sea34515
Coral Sea712217
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