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I am from United States
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I am from Colorado & have been a diver & photographer since 1994.My first camera was a Sea & Sea Motor Marine IIEX with a pair of strobes. I now use a Sea & Sea 8mg with 110a & ys-25 strobes, & have the wide angle lens as well. I have been an aquarist & hobbyist for 25+ years (both salt & freshwater) I find sponges, corals, all creatures & even algae interesting! I believe it is good to "know" your subject!Thanks to those who have voted for my pics.
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  Caribbean Reef Shark portrait
  Eagle Ray feeding early morning hours Bari Reef hours-
  comical Secretary Blenny popping its head
  This area had lots big healthy beautiful elephant ear sponges caught my buddy cruising top
  Amigos These squid were very curious really checked me after hung water bit. bit
  love contrast this colorful Christmas Tree Worm against coral. coral

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Macro - Nudibranchia44010
Macro - swimming1922011
Topside (above water but marine related)3339511
Wide Angle - Close Focus1315612
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Wide Angle - Natural Light (no strobe)45213
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Caribbean Sea240299012
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Cayman islands2147
Netherlands Antilles222273712
United States68914
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Squid pic
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