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I am from United States
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My wife and I live in Avon, Colorado - just seven miles from Vail. We began diving in 2001 when faced with a trip to Tahiti and just couldn't imagine going there without experiencing the underwater scene. Our first open water dive at Tapu presented us with three Lemon Sharks and numerous Black Tipped Reefs. On our second dive we met our first sea turtle and three Manta Rays. Needless to say we were hooked.

Now as we edge close on 1,000 dives each we are being drawn ever farther from home. After many trips to the Caribbean, Hawaii, Fiji, the Solomon Islands and most recently to Indonesia we are now being drawn toward less frequently visited areas. Our next trip is planned to Raja Ampat later this year.

Today Mary films using a Sony HC7 in a Light & Motion housing while I shoot stills with a Canon 5D in an Aquarice housing with Inon strobes.
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  Diver Randys GazeboLittle Cayman. Cayman
  Friendly Grouper Randys Gazebo Little Cayman. Cayman
  Seascape Randys Gazebo Little Cayman. Cayman
  Standing sandy flats adjacent Russian Destroyer off Cayman Brac. Most fantastic day years dead calm water visibility near 200 feet WOW Brac
  Manta night dive near Kailua Kona Intl Airport Aggressor. We were graced twelve mantas his evening. Aggressor evening
  Night dive Magic Pier Buton South Sulawesi. colorful Rigid Shrimpfish were continually our lense while we attempted photograph elusive Mandarin Dragonet. Sulawesi Dragonet

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Cayman islands201738
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United States77811
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Great shot
Posted: Sunday, March 1, 2009
Never knew a prawn could look this good!
Posted: Sunday, February 15, 2009
Nice work Sharon!
Posted: Sunday, February 15, 2009

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