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I am from United States
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Time to update. Thumbnail shot remains first even taken in Indonesia 2004 with Canon A-95. I currently have a Nikon D200, Sea & Sea housing and strobes. My fairly recent trip back to Indonesia is the second time I've used it and the first time I've shot total manual and using only one of two strobes. Had to. iTTl flooded first day; (unseen) screw was loose and caused a strobe to fall off on second day in a muck dive. (If someone finds a screw somewhere in Lembeh...) I won't bore you with all the other malfunctions -this time, it wasn't my fault, I swear - but am writing this to say that I was petrified to attempt manual shooting but now consider it a blessing in disguise that the iTTL went bye-bye...and to encourage other "newbies" to continue shooting as long as the shutter works.
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  Lysioquilla mantis. Lembeh. Nikon D200. This species rarely emerges its burrow. mantis Lembeh D200 burrow

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