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Hey all. My name is Brandi Vicars. My grandpa passed away 4 months ago and i received his camera after he died. I love taking pictures and he is the one who got me into photography. I use a cannon with a zoom lense. Ive only seriously been taking pictures for about 7 months. I could use some ideas and suggestions from all of you. Where are some good places to go to take great pictures?? I would love to film a lightning storm, but have no idea how or what type of film to use or any of that info. So if anyone has had any luck..please let me know. I love Gatlinburg TN, thats where I first started taking pictures. It was on my honeymoon in September of 2005. I would like to return soon in the fall and take pictures of all the changing colors in the trees. Well...thats all for now...!!!
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