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I am from Austria
Member since: Tuesday, March 7, 2006
changed to canoan G9 since my G5 had a broken LCD screen just lovethe new camera!
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  saw this nusi had been already posted people but mostly found indonesia Vanuatu..thus letting everyne know there presence here Vanuatuthus Vanuatu thus

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I have 13 entries in the photo contest
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entered Monday, March 30, 2009
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entered Monday, December 8, 2008
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entered Monday, September 22, 2008

CategoryNumber of EntriesTotal votesAverage votes
Creative - Manipulated (Photoshopped)144
Macro - Close-Up12727
Macro - not swimming35919
Macro - Nudibranchia23517
Macro - swimming24221
Wide Angle - Close Focus23517
Wide Angle - Natural Light (no strobe)2136
totals 1321516
Seas I have divedNumber of EntriesTotal votesAverage votes
Philippine Sea11212
Tasman Sea263
totals 1321516
Countries I have visitedNumber of EntriesTotal votesAverage votes
New Zealand263
totals 1321516

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