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I am from Slovenia
Member since: Thursday, March 9, 2006
I started scuba diving in 1999 and started taking UW photos in 2007. Diving mostly in the Adriatic sea, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.
Using a compact Olympus SP-350 in PT-030 housing with some wet lenses.
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  Another seahorse. Taken april presented VODAN. Olympus SP350 internal strobe lens 1250s f7.1 ISO200 seahorse VODAN 1/250s, 1250s, 250s, f/7.1, f/71, f/7 1, f7.1, 7.1,
  Fireworm taken Korcula island cca 25m. Resting gorgonian where feeds. Olympus SP350 macro mode no strobe manual setting ISO200 150s f4.5 25m feeds 1/50s, 150s, 50s, f/4.5 f/45 f/4 4.5
  Redmouthed goby Fiesa. Olympus SP350 ISO100 1250 f6.3 colour filter macro lens internal strobe Red-mouthed Red mouthed Fiesa SP-350, SP350, SP 350, 1/250, 1250, 250, f/6.3, f/63, f/6 3, f6.3, 6.3,
  Shrimp cleaning rays ears so hell hear better Night dive Abu Galawa. Olympus SP350 ISO 200 130s f4 strobe. :-) :) Galawa SP-350, SP350, SP 350, 1/30s, 130s, 30s, f/4, f4, 4, strobe
  Port Hamata 3rd March. We just dissembarked after week liveaboard Fury shoal St.Johns reefs. March St.John's StJohn's St John's reefs
  Female threefin blenny caught June when sexual dimorphism most evident. 1100 f6.3 ISO 200 super macro mode Olympus SP350 no flash evident 1/100 100 f/6.3, f/63, f/6 3, f6.3, 6.3, SP-350, SP350, SP 350,

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Macro - Nudibranchia33411
Macro - Super macro12020
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Wide Angle - Marine Life1221017
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Adriatic Sea3151316
Red Sea918720
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