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I am from United States
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I was first certified to dive in Corsica in 1988 through Barakuda (huh?). I didn't dive again until 1999, then another 4 year break until I took it up again in 2003. I got serious in 2004 and realized how much time I wasted not doing my now absolutely most preferred activity! I started doing underwater photography in 2005 and have now taken a camera underwater on 4 dive trips. So much to learn! I'm shooting with a Fuji F810, Ike housing, S&S YS-90DX, Inon WA and Macro lenses. Wish I could do it every day!
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CategoryNumber of EntriesTotal votesAverage votes
Macro - Close-Up199
Macro - not swimming12917
Macro - Nudibranchia188
Macro - Super macro22512
Macro - swimming177
Wide Angle - Divers122
Wide Angle - Marine Life10808
Wide Angle - Wrecks24120
totals 302638
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Caribbean Sea302638
totals 302638
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totals 302638

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