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I am from United States
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Ive been diving for 20 years, and technical diving for over 15 of those. I first picked up a camera to show friends and family what I saw while diving. That turned into a passion for photography! I like focus my video and photography on caves, deep wrecks and the divers traveling to these places. I feel very lucky I can do both and combine my passions in life, I feel there is no better way to educate someone about our fragile underwater environments than through compelling imagery.

I shoot with a Nikon D800 in a Aquatica housing
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  Cave diver descends down moulth fire looking clouds his head swirling tannic river water. water
  Diver enters cave system where clear spring water mixes tannic red river creating rainbows color
  little Close Tiger shark comes check dome port
  Pregnant female tiger shark diver observing her
  Sharky Sunset
  Going Batty North Florida caves

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Caribbean Sea44210
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Cayman islands11414
United States82124915
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