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I am from United Kingdom
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Fairly new to underwater photography. Bought a Sea & Sea DX5000G and started taking images whilst snorkeling to get the hang of the camera and controls. I have now graduated to using the camera whilst diving with a strobe. Favourite place (so far) is probably Red Sea although Maldives is also fantastic as a novice photographer. I am most interested in the underwater wildlife. A most memorable experience was cage diving with 'White Shark Ecoventures' in Gansbaai, South Africa - brilliantly organised and the Great Whites did not disappoint - just do it!! (www.white-shark-diving.com)
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  love snorkelling close reef where without dive gear its possible be really manoeuverable get great natural light shots show array colours. Picture Clown Surgeonfish Acanthurus lineatus. colours lineatus). lineatus)
  Although very common there distinct beauty Moon Jellyfish Aurelia aurita worthy observation. observation
  Great White Shark taken whilst cage diving these wonderful animals off Gansbaai. Konica Minolta Dimage A200 prefocused patience Gansbaai

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