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I am from Canada
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My Name is Rick from British Columbia,Canada. My Camera is a Nikon P5100 in a Fantasea housing with dual sea & sea YS90 DX strobes and a Nano Focus light. My Favourite photo dive site would be 7 Tree Island in Port Hardy B.C. The macro Photography opportunities in this area is out of this world. I am not much of a tropical diver when I see the amazing underwater life that we have right here in our cold water.I have been taking pictures for 2 years now and I love it. I guess I feel like an underwater Ambassador,showing to all who can not visit the beauty of our underwater marine life.
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  Pair flamingo tongue nudibranchs stretching out. out
  Just keep swimmingswimmingswimming. swimming,swimming,swimming. swimming,swimming,swimming
  Rock Islands Micronesia seen air.The are made Limestone so they slowly erode years. What beatifull country fantasic friendly people diving this world. airThe air years world
  We were underwater about 45ft. cleaning station waiting what seemed forever. Then after 40 minutes blue comes this huge Manta flying gracefully overhead. was first had ever seen Wow beauty. 45ft forever overhead beauty
  Beautifull but deadly stonefish waiting camo ambush its prey. came upon this fish 65ft wall Ulong Chanell PalauMicronesia. prey Palau,Micronesia. Palau,Micronesia

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