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I am from Germany
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Hi i am 42 Years old and have been diving since i am 7 years old. I started UW photography in march 2006 and got hooked immediatly..

I love diving since i am a young boy and my father took me with him to explore this beautiful world under the surface. From the moment i did my first shot i have been loving UW photography and the love is still growing..

I am using a Canon 7D in an Hugyfot housing for my shots.


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  Blueshark Azores Portugal
  Inon Insect eye lens
  Flying Angel
  took this shot whilest Epson Red Sea Shootout November 2010. No postprocessing double exposure new Inon MacroFisheye lens 2010 Macro/Fisheye Macro Fisheye
  Porcelan knight

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Macro - Close-Up716123
Macro - not swimming78139717
Macro - Nudibranchia79182823
Macro - Super macro1022222
Macro - swimming3969517
Over/Under (shots half topside, half U/W)34013
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Wide Angle - Divers1322817
Wide Angle - Marine Life2432613
Wide Angle - Natural Light (no strobe)924427
Wide Angle - Wrecks713218
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Andaman Sea91158917
Atlantic (European coastal)415839
Coral Sea3966116
East China Sea11212
Mediterranean Sea36421
Philippine Sea3774920
Red Sea59107918
Solomon Sea11919
South China Sea69163123
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Myanmar (Burma)1842423
Papua New Guinea4068017
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