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Mike Clark

I am from United Kingdom
Member since: Friday, November 3, 2006
I have been taking underwater pictures for 20 years.
I now use a Nikon D70 in a Sea and Sea Housing, usually with twin strobes.
Most of my diving is around St. Abbs and Eyemouth near my home in Scotland. I do occasionly get further afield. Most of my photography is therefore, green water temperaye shots, but its a real treat to get to dive on a coaral reef every so often. I hope you enjoy looking at my pictures.
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My Portfolio

  Coning tower U12 swept juvenile whiting. 48 metres down degee c. Nikon D70 sea housing strobes whiting
  Plaice face close nikon d70 60mm lens twin strobes
  UNDERWATER TECHNICAL GARDENING. New sport Scotland due record rainfall August. Nik d70 10.5mm lens strobes. GARDENING August 105mm 10 5mm strobes
  Peek Booo Juvenile clownfish anemone.D7060mm lens twin strobes. anemone. anemone D70-60mm D7060mm D70 60mm strobes
  Breeding ballan wrasse wreck hispania Scotland.My favourite shot recent trip there.Nikon d70 10.5mm lens 2xstrobes Scotland. Scotland there. there 105mm 10 5mm
  Wreck Hispania Sound Mull Scotland. Scotland

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Atlantic (European coastal)33913
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Mediterranean Sea6538
North Sea128159512
Red Sea1011011
Sea of the Hebrides199
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United Kingdom139174812
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