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I am from United Kingdom
Member since: Sunday, November 5, 2006
Used to have Pentax Option s5i with underwater housing just upgraded to the Canon SD900 TI with Fuji strobe.

I have been diving since i was 14 years old, on my first dive they knew i was scared so pushed me off the boat... i dont need to be pushed anymore.

Have enjoyed diving in Taba Egypt as the coral reef was so beautiful and vivid. I feel Egypt so unspoilt due to the strict policy of no fishing in the red sea. Have just come back from my wedding in Seychelles where got some fantastic photos of Whale Sharks such amazing creatures. I have also been fortunate enough to dive on the barrier reef and mauritius.
I will continue exploring this beautiful underwater world until nature stops me.

I love getting ideas of where to go next from this website and all the photographers on it.

Remember the limitations in photography come from within
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