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I am from France
Member since: Monday, November 27, 2006
I have been using the F50 and The F80 nikon cameras in Hugyfot housing. I recently moved to the D200 nikon also in a Hugyfot housing.
I am lucky because I got the opportunity to dive several places ie Maldives, Bali Manado Thailand,Visayas (Philipines), Mediterranean sea and Channel but I try to go and dive in the Red sea as often as possible.
I am now also involved in teaching, in a non professional way, underwater photography as a 2 stars underwater picture Instructor, while I am a 2 star CMAS Instructor since 1979!!
I hope we can exchange interesting in omation about our common hobby!
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Macro - not swimming294
Macro - swimming4225
Topside (above water but marine related)111
Wide Angle - Divers23316
Wide Angle - Marine Life46315
Wide Angle - Wrecks2189
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Andaman Sea3134
Caribbean Sea2147
Mediterranean Sea133
Red Sea911612
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