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I am from Canada
Member since: Wednesday, May 2, 2007
Currently using the new Sea and Sea 1G with YS 110A strobe. (Thank god for the strobe upgrade by SEA and SEA).Still a beginner with 3 years of trying. Best sites so far are Bonaire and Truk Lagoon
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  Sea DXG1 one YS 110A Strobe...F8200 ISO 200.Jelly fish heading sun... DX-G1 DX G1 Strobe...F8/200 StrobeF8/200 Strobe F8/200 Strobe...F8 200 200. sun
  Brooding anemone. DX1G YS110A strobe. F9125 iso 100 anemone DX-1G DX 1G YS-110A YS 110A strobe F9-125 F9 125
  Hilma Hooker Bonaire. DXG1 natural light. Bonaire DX-G1 DX G1 light
  award winning but reminder color dark cold waters pacific. Taken night DX1G YS 110A strobe. F8125 ISO 100 pacific DX-1G DX 1G strobe
  Sharptail Eel.. Didnt want his picture taken...took several shots blurring eel before finally got this. D1GX Sea takentook taken took this
  Wreck Helma Hooker. Used ambient light. Hooker light

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CategoryNumber of EntriesTotal votesAverage votes
Macro - Close-Up68414
Macro - not swimming11515
Macro - swimming11212
Temperate Waters188
Wide Angle - Divers155
Wide Angle - Marine Life66911
Wide Angle - Wrecks35217
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Atlantic (South America coastal)45614
Gulf Of Mexico3248
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Netherlands Antilles57515
United States33411
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