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I am from Australia
Member since: Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Nikon D80, 2 X ds51 strobes + nikon 60mm + 18-55mm

Just a young dude who loves the ocean.

I graduated from Monash Uni, Australia with a degree in Marine biology/zoology. I worked at the Melbourne Aquarium as a marine life presenter/educator until late 2008.

I'm currently completing post grad study as a marine biologist in behavioral ecology at James Cook Uni, Australia.

My backyard is the temperate waters of the Great Southern Ocean. In particular the cold waters of Victoria, Australia. These waters are unexplored but are filled with unique and incredible marine life. I see underwater photography as means for me to promote the Great Southern Ocean and all of its marine treasures.

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  model Annika Uggla
  Rare mating dumpling squid. big thanks Brian Mayes helping me learn about colour profiles web cold waters Victoria Australia.Nikon d80 inon d2000 ikelite ds 51 nikon 60mm squid Australia. Australia
  One my most memorable marine life encounters. baby seal basking morning sunOlympus sp350 encounters sp-350 sp 350
  Cold nutrient rich water captivates me far more then any coral reef. swaying motion kelp surge keeps coming back again again.D80 natural light 18mm. reef again. 18mm
  small goby resting some cold water ascidians. Photographed off South Australias Yorke Pennisula.D80 ds 51 strobes 60mm. ascidians Pennisula. Pennisula 60mm
  We drove 14 hours straight find leafy sea dragon. was worth every minute drive. They really are most incredible fish. Watching them move so peacefully throughout their habitat something Ill always remember. dragon drive fish remember

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incredible behaviour shot
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