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I am from United Kingdom
Member since: Monday, December 10, 2007
I love helping people take beautiful photos with compact cameras and launched the first ever dedicated courses in 2006 in England. My work has been published in over 18 magazines in the UK, Netherlands, Costa Rica and Mexico and my course guests have scooped 16 prizes here in the UK and Bonaire. I launched a book called "Underwater Photography for Compact Camera Users" which has just won "Best Publication of the Year" by DIVER Magazine which is now available on Amazon.

I have used all kinds of compact cameras over the past 10 years, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Sea & Sea, Sealife and have been shooting with a Canon compact for a few years now. At the moment my set up is a Canon S95, FIX housing, INON UFL-165 AD Fisheye Lens, Close-Up Lens and Bug-Eye Lens as well as a L&M Sola 600 Light and INON S-2000 strobe. However, I just prefer using just a simple compact camera in its housing ...

I give personal tips, run courses as well as overseas trips. Just let me know how I can help you!
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My Portfolio

  This cuttlefish egg was moving through sea just off house reef Mabul. took so many shots trying keep capture sharpish image. taken Canon S95 one INON strobe. Mabul image strobe
  This was taken Sipidan. couldnt believe how calm water day after some super rough days lots rain Canon S95 FIX housing Fisheye Lens two INON S2000 strobes. Sipidan S-2000 2000 strobes
  Schooling barracudas Sipidan. After many attempts finally found them circling. Taken Canon S95 INON UFL165 AD fisheye lens. Sipidan circling UFL-165 UFL 165 lens
  This another image taken Liberty wreck. just fell completely love overhangs huge fans colours surrounded us. Canon S95 INON UFL165 AD Fisheye Lens one S2000 strobe. wreck us UFL-165 UFL 165 S-2000 2000 strobe
  Liberty Wreck truly underwater photographers paradise ... so many fans corals sponges schooling fish This was taken Canon S95 FIX housing INON UFL165 AD Fisheye Lens one S2000 strobe. UFL-165 UFL 165 S-2000 2000 strobe
  was diving Sipidan turned around this turtle heading straight me. hadnt realised but remora had come away amazing 45 degree angle. still cant believe happened me angle

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Antarctic (Southern Ocean)14949
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Sulu and Sulawesi Seas34314
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Cayman islands155
Costa Rica22311
United Kingdom811113
United States47819
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