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I am from United States
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My name is Mike and I would like to share some of my underwater photos with you. I began my diver training in southern California in 1987 with Pacific School of Scuba where i became a NAUI Divmaster. during a dive in 1991 in Truk Lagoon, where i was working as a DM, Jim Church handed me his Nikonos RS and asked me to finish the roll out. That was my first underwater photography experience. Kul!
For me Photography is about perception and light, two things that are in constance change, Remember "don't fear change".
Underwater Cameras;
Nikon D90 and a 10.5mmfisheye in a Aquatica housing with duel Nikon 105 strobs
Nikonos III and Nikonos V with the nikkor 15mm f2.8 and
Thanks for checking me out !
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  Feeding Lemon sharks keep but brave away dive ladder. ladder
  baby Loggerhead turtle making his way world. Good luck little guy world
  Bow riders ride free......Spotties hitching free warm clear blue waters bahamas free......
  Free diver swimming Horse eye jacks Angle iron wreck Bahamas
  Pink Skunk clown Fish Fujikawa Maru Truk Lagoon FSMNikonos 35mm close kit Fuji velvia 50
  Shark head soup.....Lemon sharks checking bait box..... soup..... soup box

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Cayman islands11515
United States35819
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Nice shot!
Posted: Wednesday, December 10, 2008
great shoot
Posted: Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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