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I am from United States
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I am a painter & underwater photographer. I love to dive & take photos all over the world, then later, in my studio, I paint surreal scenes about my experiences.
Art is at website

I have a Canon EOS 400D Digital Rebel XTi - with an Ikelite housing for Photos & a Canon Vixia HF11 HD camcorder with Equinox housing for video. I started diving in 2002 & began u/w photography in 2003. My favorite dive sites so far have been in the Seychelles & Australia. Next on my list of dream trips is the Red Sea.

I shoot almost all my photos & video with no flash - just white balance adjustment while underwater.
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  These buildings were my walk home while living Cyprus summer. added water fire because first glance things seem so sad there but after most people proved be warm caring rescue divers. summer divers
  Barracuda Australia. Shot Canon 400D Rebel XTi no strob. Australia strob
  Sea Dragon kelp found this one while diving cold waters around Tasmania Australia. Australia
  Juvenile Hawksbill Turtle Photo taken near Coco Island Seychelles. Seychelles

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Netherlands Antilles12323
United States810913
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