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I am from Dominica
Member since: Thursday, December 11, 2003
Born young, I began swimming from the age of 3. snorkeling at 5 and diving at 16 and never looked back. Got a Minolta Weathermatic as a present on completing the dive course and imploded it a year later. I've been published in several magazines; some with articles, some without, brochures, fliers, on the web, and some coffee table books. I was the first person from the Caribbean to be showcased at the Hamasat in Taif Saudi Arabia.
Current underwater camera system is now an Ikelite D7200 housing with Inon z220 strobe and D2000 slaves (i'm an Inon Ambassador). I have been a scuba instructor since 1988 first with BS-AC in the UK then switched to PADI. A postgrad marine biologist for longer.
I suppose sperm Whale images are my "thing", its how I make my living as a stills or assistant cameraman . I am a director of Images Dominica with business partner Simon Walsh.
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  Curse Tokina 1017. Sperm whales off coast taken under permit 10-17. 10-17 10 17.
  tokina 1017 fisheye good luck 10-17 10 17
  Physalia open water
  Bottlenosed dolphin bow wave
  frogfish fisheye lens. lens
  Holding firm despite surge passing hurricane Joae. Sept 17 Joae

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Atlantic (North American coastal)199
Caribbean Sea235361415
Gulf Of Mexico155
Irish Sea23316
Red Sea36421
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United Kingdom23316
United States3258
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