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I am from United States
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I use an Olympus SP-350, Ikelite housing, Ikelite DS-51 strobe, and Inon WAL. I have been taking u/w photos for 3 years. My favorite subject is wreck diving, but I am happy with taking photos of reef life as well.
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  Jumbled Wreck. Exploring concrete pipes laid aside Sea Emperor when she rolled while sinking. Deerfield Beach Florida. Olympus SP350 Ikelite housing DS51 strobe Inon WAL. Wreck". Wreck" sinking Florida DS-51 DS 51 WAL
  Peekaboo. Moray eel standpipe USCG Duane Florida Keys. "Peekaboo". "Peekaboo" Keys
  Surveying expanse Spiegel Grove Key Largo Florida
  Entering Deep. Columbia Deep Cozumel Mexico. Deep". Deep" Mexico
  Coral swimthrough Santa Rosa Wall Cozumel Mexico. swim-through swim through Mexico
  Sea turtle Conch Wall Islamorada Florida 45 fsw. fsw

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United States59018
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