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I am from United States
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Nikon D60
Marshall Islands
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  This was Sea Cortez pups were very curious. course Mom Sealion watching them us carefully curious
  Shrimp Anemone
  Douglas Dauntless Dive bomber Kwajalein Lagoon Roi Namur Aircraft graveyard. graveyard
  Leaf Scorpion fish green variety. rare but hard spot. Nikon D60 natural light variety spot
  Bow Wreck we know PBuoy here Kwajalein Lagoon. Yet another great day diving. Nikon D60 natural light. P-Buoy Buoy Lagoon diving D-60 60 light
  aft hold K5 Side wreck........it still full artillery shells dating WWII. You want be real careful make sure your have great buoyancy skills wreckit wreck WWII

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Marshall Islands2133115
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