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I am from Australia
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I am from the UK originally, lived in Thailand for 5 years and now live in Sydney, Australia. I am a secondary school teacher with a passion for wildlife, especially underwater megafauna. I have been diving since 1997, taking underwater photos since 1999 and bought my first (and current) digital SLR housing in January 2007. My rig is a Canon 400D with a 10bar housing, separate housing for my Canon Speedlite 580EX flashgun and an Inon 240 sub-strobe. I use TTL to trigger both flashes and everything on Manual (including both strobes). I use two hi-intensity LED focus lamps which also attracts marine-life. I use a diffuser on the sub-strobe if I get very close to my subjects - sometimes this is a plastic bag when I cannot find the proper diffuser (which also attracts megafauna to the camera as it looks like a jellyfish!). Best dive site - South West Rocks and Solitary Islands, NSW, Australia.
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  Diver observing Napoleon Wrasse Cheilinus undulatus aka Humphead Maori Bluetooth Groper Giant Maldives Blue-tooth Blue tooth
  Smile PleaseBlackspotted Porcupinefish Diodon hystrix Hin Muang Purple Rock Anderman Sea Near Phuket ThailandHe just turned around face cameras dome port pressed shutter how lucky was Black-spotted Blackspotted Black spotted

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