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I am from Italy
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I am from Italy and I only two years that I am an UW photographer. I use for UW a NIKON D300 and Nikon D100 - Nikkor Lens 12-24, 10,5 mm fisheye and 60mm macro with subtronic alpha, only with manual setting. My Housing an EASYDIVE Leo II and UNDERWAVE Igloo. My housings are made in Italy and I think they are high quality products. I always dive in Italy and I prefer wide angle to macro.
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  Posta Fibreno Lake
  Posta Fibreno Lake Itally
  US Navy LST 349 wreck Ponza Island Italy
  Motorcycle outside Valfiorita Ship wreck Messina Italy
  wheel Valsavoia ship wreck Positano

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Macro - swimming24422
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Wide Angle - Marine Life715922
Wide Angle - Wrecks2736713
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Adriatic Sea49624
Celebes Sea48320
Indian Ocean11919
Ionian Sea512324
Mediterranean Sea188
Red Sea23718
Tyrrhenian Sea2430712
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