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Esteban Toré

I am from Spain
Member since: Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Esteban Toré began in UW photography in 2007.
Since then he has been learning by himself using internet forums and books.

His passion is to observe and photograph marine behaviours but also loves wide angle.

Esteban mainly dives are in waters of Málaga but also dives in the rest of Spain and other parts of the world. His favorite destination is Indonesia.

In the last years he is competing in some underwater contest. Some of his recent achivements are:
- First place in the XXI Spanish CMAS Championship 2009 and representing Spain in CMAs World Championship 2010.
- First place in the XX and the XXI Andalusian CMAS Championship 2008/2009.
- Second place in the XIII Open del Hierro 2009.

ONLINE contest:
- Agoust 2009 winner of divephotoguide.com Monthly Underwater Photography Contest Series.
- Winner in macro categorie of LAUPS 47th Annual International Underwater Photographic Competition 2009.
- Runner up in Wide angle Marine life of underwaterphotography.com
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