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I am from United Kingdom
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I learned to dive in the UK in 2000 in quarries and reservoirs. Now prefer warmer bluer waters... Tried film cameras but had only poor results. Started with digital in early 2006 using a Canon EOS 350D in an Ikelite housing. I upgraded to an EOS 50D in June 2009 and added a second DS125 strobe. Favourite places have been Sulawesi, The Philippines, Red Sea and Bonaire.
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  Hi there... chromodoris magnifica there
  Moon jelly central portion detail full frame
  Queen Angelfish eye cheek detail
  Squat anemone shrimp
  Pedersons cleaner shrimp no cropping
  Moon jelly drifting just below surface warm Caribbean water full frame first trip new EOS50D

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Macro - Nudibranchia513226
Macro - swimming1018018
Topside (above water but marine related)22512
Wide Angle - Marine Life1420314
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Caribbean Sea4778016
Celebes Sea710515
Mediterranean Sea36722
Red Sea1626616
South China Sea616327
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Netherlands Antilles4778016
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