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I am from Italy
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Hallo, I'm uw photographer since 1984 and I use Nikon cameras in housing Subal, Igloo and now with digital D300 in Easydive Leo husing. My favourite lenses are 16, 20, 28-70, 60 micro. It is only one year that I use digital cameras underwater, before were only slides and now I scan them with a Nikon scan ls-5000. I dove in many part of the world, the best I think is the Pacific and the Indo-Pacific ocean, like Fiji, tonga or Indonesia.
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  model was swimming inside famous Cathedral Cave Marettimo Island Egadi Sicily. quite deep entrance 34 meter depth sun light desappeared soon inside. botto there are many stalactites Sicily
  Very small about cm rare shrimp Stegopontonia commensalis found middle thorns sea urchin Alor Island

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