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I am from Czech Republic
Member since: Saturday, April 18, 2009
Hi, my name is Veronika. I was born in 1977.
I´been diving since 2005. I started uwphotography from 2006.
I use my older OLYMPUS C-8080 and newly CANON G9 in original case with INON 2000 stobes and no name light /5600K/ :))

2009 -I´m learning with my new camera CANON EOS 50 D in Nimar case.

2010- I changed the underwater housing.
Now I use Ikelite with two strobes Ikelite DS 125 and DS 160.

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My Portfolio

  Sunglasses under water
  Mysterious view
  This my favorite picture.I call him RUBICO HAND.Taken swimming pool.It creative photo but manipulated photoshop. no P.C.WORK picture. picture HAND. HAND pool. pool photoshop P.C.WORK) PCWORK) WORK)
  quite cold .. ..?
  Mirrors pool
  This photo was created accident.Its shark egg.It see small embryo. man dangerous live Mediterranean.It Scyliorhinus canicula spotted. accident.It's accidentIt's accident It's egg. egg embryo Mediterranean. Mediterranean spotted

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Czech Republic210337716
United States144
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