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I am from Australia
Member since: Monday, June 1, 2009
Specialist Shark Photographer. Currently shooting with a D800 Nikon. Also volunteer for the Fox Shark Research Foundation down here in Australia where we study Great White Sharks
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  Smile This cute sub 5m female Great White has perfect smile. photo particularly like gives her some character goes long way dispelling myth caused open mouth aggressive GWS shots. shots
  Scream Paris Short Fin Mako taken North Neptune Island South Australia.This feisty sub 3m female shark turned during Great White tagging trip chasing away 5m White. She loved camera just like Hilton AustraliaThis Australia This
  Majesty This shot shows female white shark showing dominance towards another if you look hard see one front her nose. lowered pecs aggressive sign but show she more dominent nose). nose)
  Meet Moo This Metre male Great White shark has returned 12 years row Neptune Islands South Australia. shot was taken laying marlin board boat leaning camera water. Australia water
  Playing around back boat overunder shots playful teenage white shark. Pole Cams are pussies real men lay marlin board hold camera underwater definitely gets heart racing. over/under under shark racing
  widely held misconception Great White sharks breach South Africa. Freckles 4m male who aerial specialist attacking baits 56 Ks hour enable him launch his entire body water. Africa water

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