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I am from United States
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Using a Nikon D300 in a Subal housing with Ikelite DS 160 strobes and either a 10-17 fisheye, or 105 and 60mm macro lens. I've been shooting only a couple of years, but my favorite dive site to shoot would have to be the Superior Producer in Curacao(only at night). Orange cup coral blazes across the entire ship, and fire worms are everywhere. Quite a site!
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  Going GreenBeautiful sea horse found amidst matching plant life Green-Beautiful Green Beautiful
  Juvenile Blue Head Wrasse tucked safely anemone shot D300 105mm lens
  School Southern Sennet photographed D300 1017 fisheye. 10-17 10 17 fisheye
  people wonder why we scuba dive
  feeding time
  Wreck off Utila Honduras

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