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I am from Brazil
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Kadu Pinheiro is an pro underwater photographer, Scuba Diving Magazine and Sport Diver staff. Since 2004, his mission is to explore the world, especially below the waterline, revealing new horizons and sharing his point of view – whether through images, articles, books, websites and all forms of communication.

Currently Kadu Pinheiro is the Editor of Diveduc Magazine, Kadu also works on two more digital media projects, Sea Explorers, a diving destination tour guide, made 100% by the photographer based on all the places he has visited around the world, and the Scuba News portal, which was created as a Sea Explorers blog area and ended up taking on a life of its own and today it acts in a responsible and punctual manner with relevant news for the diving market, with a focus on the environment and image.
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  Clown fish Numidia Wreck Brothers Islands
  Green Turtle pose Laje de Santos Brazil

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Atlantic (South America coastal)12020
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