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Mike Dickson

I am from United Kingdom
Member since: Monday, June 22, 2009
Started diving in 1992, currently a Trimix and accelerated decompression instructor.

Avid interest in photography, but only started shooting underwater around 4 years ago.

Currently using a sea & sea DX1G in manual mode with dual YS27 strobes. Excellent value for money.

Next camera? A Nikon D7000, with a Sea & Sea housing.... one day ;o)
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  Yellow mouth moray. Also named jewelled starry Gymnothorax nudivomer. moray nudivomer). nudivomer)
  Hypselodoris dollfusiTaken manual mode. F7.1 150 ISO 100 mode F7.1, F71, F7 1, 1/50, 150, 50,
  Bearded scorpionfish Scorpaenopsis barbataCat Island
  Starry yellow mouthed moray gymnothorax nudivomer.Plug point Bandar Khayran Muscat OmanF5.6 12000 spot metering both strobes nudivomer). nudivomer) F5.6, F56, F5 6, 1/2000, 12000, 2000,
  One many turtles around Plug Point Bandar Khayran Muscat. Muscat
  Starry yellow mouthed moray gymnothorax nudivomer

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