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I am from Canada
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I learned to dive while on a University exchange to Australia in 2007 and became hooked ever since. I started taking photo's with a disposable, film, point and shoot - the kind you buy for $30 dollars and use on one trip! Since then I have housed my Canon camera's and now shoot with a G10, 2x Inon UCL Macro Lenses and a Ys110a strobe with a smaller YS27DX strobe. Always looking forward to the next dive, and the next critter...one day hope to upgrade to DSLR and a fisheye lens!
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My Portfolio

  Canon G10 Dual UCL165 lenses slight crop. Another Ribbon Eel Anilao crop
  Canon G10 dual UCL165 closeup lenses....and strobe deciding fire.. Anilao Philippines. lensesand lenses fire Philippines
  Crown Thorns Midwater...Divemasters Tubbataha were throwing them off deep water ledges attempt control them. Mid-water...Divemasters Mid-waterDivemasters Mid-water Divemasters Mid water...Divemasters
  Yawning Hairy Frogfish. Photo taken Anilao Canon G10 dual Inon UCL165 lenses. Sea Strobes. Frogfish lenses Strobes
  Mantis Shrimp Eggs...Canon G10 dual UCL165 image notcropped anyway. Sea Strobes. Trying get colour right first time using RAW this trip EDIT saturation w/ EggsCanon Eggs Canon not-cropped cropped anyway Strobes
  Giant Frogfish amongst old iron structure Anilao. Canon G10 Sea YS110aYS27Dx Anilao YS110a/YS27Dx YS110a YS27Dx

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Bali Sea27939
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Philippine Sea38026
South China Sea3573120
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