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I am from Denmark
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I am a danish amateur underwater photographer. I have used a slr system since 2007 and continuously updated it with new lenses. I use an Olympus E330 in an Ikelite housing with 2 Ikelite DS125 flashes. My preferred lens choices are the 50mm macro, the 14-54mm and the 8mm fisheye.
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  Peekaboo.Seahorse hiding divesite El Puertito Tenerife. There was yellow one rather close. Ill put another day. little challenging shoot 1454 but think went ok.Olympus E330 1454mm Ikelite DS125. Peek-a-boo. Peek-a-boo Peekaboo. Peek boo. Tenerife close day 14-54 14 54 ok. ok 14-54mm, 1454mm, 54mm, DS125
  Like crystal tiger moray.The impressive set teeth reminds me crystal. lightning purpose closeup very much one side. Creating coming shadow effect.Olympus E330 1454mm single Ikelite DS125 strobe. moray). moray) close-up close side effect. effect 14-54mm, 1454mm, 14 54mm, strobe
  Green turtle descend.My aim was catch after breath air. really like patterns this animal.Olympus E330 1454mm single Ikelite DS125 strobe. descend. descend air animal. animal 14-54mm, 1454mm, 14 54mm, strobe
  Oceanic Whitetip Daedalus Reef.Very calm friendly.Olympus E330 1454mm Ikelite DS125 Strobes Reef. Reef friendly. friendly 14-54mm, 1454mm, 14 54mm,
  Rhinopias posing.Rhino Rocks Komodo.Olympus E330 50mm Macro Single Ikelite DS125 Strobe posing. posing Komodo. Komodo
  big male Napoleon fish favourite ours. This friendly came very close Little Brother Egypt. dives my wife. Photo taken 1454mm lens twin flash. ours Egypt wife 14-54mm 14 54mm flash

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