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I am from United States
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I am a Naturalist, Expedition Leader and Undersea Specialist for Lindblad Expeditions (www.expedtions.com). In my role as Undersea Specialist, I dive, shoot video and interpret marine ecology for the guests on our expeditions all around the world. My favorite place to dive is the Antarctic, where I have logged over 250 dives, but most of all I enjoy experiencing the variety of polar, temperate and tropical marine ecosystems all around the planet.
Because I almost always dive with an HD video rig, I use a little point and shoot for still work, currently a Sony N2. It's a bit limiting, but I like the results I get, particularly with semi-macro subjects.
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  Antarctic octocoral Paragorgia sp. photographed Stromness Bay South Georgia where Sir Earnest Shackleton completed his heroic journey find rescue men. This delicate species fairly uncommon sites dive. sp men dive
  large crinoid Promachocrinus kerguelensis fairly common around Antarctic Peninsula. This individual about 80cm 32in across swimming beautiful coordinated motion its arms. Peninsula arms
  Clione limacina pteropod sea butterfly photographed Hornsund Spitsbergen. There was bizzard zooplankton water day you just make some calanoid copepods around pteropod. Spitsbergen

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